Wrapping up a little low-poly project for school: 10,481 tris.

I’d like to do more with it, if I can find the time: working on a handful of assets like this that I’d like to build into some pseudo-game animated style sheets, just for yucks. The volumetric fog here was added super simply, just using a depth pass as a mask - not sure how you’d do a thing like that in Unity or whatnot, but presumably it must be possible (anybody…?). I’d also like to add some interiors; have the roof of the shop fade out as you walk inside, things like that.

Here follows an absurdly abbreviated listing of Artists I know, and whose work I really really really like! You might like them, too!

imageChelsea Granger

imageBlaire Stapp

imageJess Johnson

imageJon Werrin

imageSamala Coffey

imageMorgaine Faye

imageDominic Toast

imageSivonna West

imageTrillian Spencer

imageChase Velarde

imageEben Kling

imageLiz Bannish

imageMirium Skare

imageLyon Graulty

… and here’s some lovely/talented musicians. New tunes!

Bella’s Bartok

Rusty Belle

Azwan bin Badruzaman

The Suitcase Junket

Julia Read

Lady Problems